Falling In Love- Autumn Wedding Coverage

The Sunset Weddings ended 2018 with a bang! The last three months there were multiple events booked, every weekend there was something going on! A mix of weddings, birthday parties, and celebration of lives! We were happy to host all of them. Here is some coverage of a few weddings we would like to share with you.

Kristin & Filipe were married on October, 6th, 2018

Kristin & Filipe started the month of October on a good foot! October was one of the busiest months, and it had a great kick start to the season. This young couple had a funny story how they met and continued their story by adding a marriage chapter under the hut! It was a beautiful day for friends and family to gather around the couple and blend two cultures together. Kristin had an elegant theme and handcrafted her centerpieces.

Chelsea & Paul were married on October, 19th, 2018

This fun couple not only included their friends and family but also included their furry children as well to be part of their special day. With such a touching story of Chelsea’s father meeting Paul and getting married on the day Paul and her Dad met meant the world to Chelsea’s mom. Chelsea had a unique twist to her florals, as they were made from shaved wood. An item she found on Etsy that made a world of difference to her décor.

Tina & Scott were married on October 28th, 2018

This couple is the definition of “you’re only as young as you feel”. On a beautiful Sunday evening this couple not only had a beautiful ceremony, but a pig roast for a reception afterwards. Normally, a pig roast is not something we offer but could absolutely cater too. They had an intimate ceremony and reception with their close family and friends but partied as if there were 100 guests attending. Tina handcrafted her centerpiece with shells and driftwood garland she stumbled upon during her shopping sprees. 

Michel’lee & Nate were married on November 10th, 2018

This young couple had a tiki party like never before! Two cultures coming together not only with food, but with dancing as well. Such a fun family and couple to plan and celebrate their special day with. Nate’s mom helped create and coordinate their center pieces to go with the navy and pink color scheme they requested. Another beautiful wedding and sunset in the books!

Rachel & Bize were married on November 24th, 2018

To end the month of November we couldn’t have asked for a better way! Rachel & Bize are from Orlando and celebrated on the gulf coast with close family and friends. They tied the knot on the beach with a unique ceremony set up. There was a bright and colorful theme under the hut, and handcrafted centerpieces from the bride, it was hard not to smile, laugh, and dance! The dance floor was busy the entire night.

Marybeth & Brendan were married on December 14th, 2018

To end the year we had the most elegant and rustic wedding under the hut even though Mother Nature herself did not attend in a bright manner. Marybeth had brought in a florist that brought the tiki to life with wooden lanterns that were filled and over flowing with beautiful floral arrangements. All though the sunset was not present they still had marvelous photos and videos taken of their special day. You can find their video featured on our home page of our website.