The Sunset Tiki

Our rustic Sunset Tiki is a reception space perfectly suited for groups up to 150 guests. Spacious and open-aired, our staff will create an elegant layout, based on your choices, with white padded chairs and tables around the dance floor.

Five Hours (150 people and under)
Includes the adjacent private beach,
the Sea Star Sands with seven miniature tiki huts!

Seaside Tiki

Our Seaside Tiki is placed on the white sanded shores beside the Gulf of Mexico. The smaller tiki accommodates up to 25 people under the hut, with a plenty of room for friends and family to sit and surround you with cheers and cries of love and laughter.

Four Hours (25 people and under)

Gulf Drive Café Restaurant Inside Dining Room

The Gulf Drive Cafe Interior sits 50 people and is part of the original building from the 1980s. It has custom made chalk art from a local artist that will draw your attention when entering the room. The interior is great events taking place during colder months.

Four Hours (30 people and under)

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